What is provably fair?

To guarantee that our winners are truly random, we use a provably fair system.


There are three elements used to prove the fairness of each round:

  • Salt
  • Winning ticket location
  • Hash


The salt is a random case-sensitive string. It is generated when the round starts and revealed when it ends, and it's used to hide Winning percentage until end of round

Winning ticket location

The percentage of all tickets at which you will find the winner. It is generated when the round starts and revealed at the end of round.


The hash is the md5 encryption of the round salt with the winning percentage using the form salt+winning percentage. It is revealed when the round starts and it's used to verify that Winning ticket location did not changed during round.

If any of first two element change Hash will also be changed and you won't be able to verify round

How we select winner

For every $0.01 that user deposit in pool we give him one ticket. The tickets are sorted by the deposit order. The winning ticket is found by using the formula floor ((number of tickets - 0.0000000001) * (winning percentage / 100)), where the floor function returns the largest integer less than or equal to a given number.